Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I am blessed

Union Square Market, originally uploaded by Kym Rohman.
Sorry for not posting lately...I've simply been underwater attempting to catch up with, yes, work, but also my rest and my activities in life. Blogging is something interesting to keep my mind focused and explorative, and it is a blessing that much in my life has kept me occupied in these departments. Plus, I have plenty of interesting things to do read excellently reflected and thoughtful blog posts and I count my blessings in that department to know so many excellent bloggers. I am blessed to know you all. To be fair, I will try to share my experiences and realizations as I'm able.

Primarily, I've been working of late on two small plans for outdoor markets - one in one of my favorite of all cities (believe it or not!) Savannah. Savannah never ceases to teach me, and I can't believe I actually get to work on a project here. I can't share much yet, but believe me, we'll get to it. I am blessed to see what began this year as an exploration proded by a small pro bono project (which is about to get started) to wind its way more fully into my actual design work. I see that, indeed, the holy one above works all things for the good of his creatures.
On the other side of the coin, nothing about my work comes very easily...and nothing in life is straightforward (which is why I recognize more the importance of Sabbath). Design is hard, because people are ...well... all different one from the next and all relationships involving power need delicacy and respect. My naivete has been often exposed during these times. Designers, I've had to realize, do not live in a world to their own, and, well, ...I think that's a fortunate and good thing.

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