Thursday, July 24, 2008


Velocidade, originally uploaded by Jose L. Pedroso.

The benefits of high-end BRT systems - like Sao Paulo's Expresso Tiradentes above - argues Dario Hidalgo, are easily lost on a public acculturated to slow city bus systems. As a result they prove difficult to implement in countries such as ours, where BRT transit still lags years behind. Allan Hoffman and Alasdair Cain's suggest referring to full-fledged BRT systems as "Quickways" not only for more helpful political nomenclature. In fact, they suggest understanding a Quickway as a distinct mode in its own right, with its own special benefits that should allow it to move beyond the shadow of the Light Rail. Because it is planned as a fall back option, transit planners fail to realize and implement its network benefits.

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