Sunday, July 20, 2008

A great example of messy urbanism

Posted at Seattle.PI

This story of a Seattle woman has much insights to teach about urbanism and life.

(a) Scale needs a reference point. Like the house, car, woman and lone tree in the photo above, every development, like a bride, needs the scale of something "old" to remind folks what was there, and most importantly, what now IS.
(b) It's nice when the enormity of a life can be made visible. One of the few cases that I can think of when the life uncovered makes a physical statement....What a happy accident! What would have happened had the developer not likewise been as stubborn? Would anyone have ever known about this woman? Is this not a foreshadowing of what the Last Accounting is all about?
(c) Making yourself the last holdout is sure to gain you more attention than you seek. :D
(d) Now I want to go out with that kind of style. No need for a will, or a ceremony...What exists is comment enough.

Thanks Steve for the hat tip.

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