Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Totally Random Post of the Month: "Liminal Park Crossway"

I've been searching for a term to call an urban-and-accidental-or-informal-gardenscape space which exists on the verge of formal public space or is really in-between space, existing at the edges and left-over spaces between public and private realms. Merge a park with a parking lot or an alley or a back lot (hard to think about, I know, but it seems I encounter these areas quite often). Whimsical urbanists, especially those given to poetic flights like me, know these places. But for the life of me, I have never heard an actual term for these spaces or found ungoofy candidates to call them so that I can actually recommend them for plans.

Well, I came across one playing google games! Inputting "liminal park" I came across two website gems, one a kind of miniature landscape of crossing terraces, which seems to be a sculptural installation of a miniature world, which is a perfect sliced representation of the kind of space I could mean, and the other a poetry blog called "Crevice Weeds", which supplied both the first good candidate for a term, "Liminal Park Crossway", and a poem with an embedded description for it:

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