Monday, January 28, 2008

Books That Make You Dumber

Aaahhh...The things Facebook reveals! By Caltech's Virgil Griffith (via the blog of Richard "His Spikiness" Florida).
Turns out the average SAT of Bible readers is 1050...Which puts us slightly behind most Mormons but just ahead (whew!) of Dan Brown readers (and, interestingly, C.S. Lewis readers...except the ones that read Mere Christianity). Most interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, readers of Captivating are neck to neck with the Bible crowd at 1050 ave, but readers of Wild at Heart are slightly dumber.
What I want to know is how Blue Like Jazz readers pull out smarter than Bible readers....what?? Not the same crowd? Too cool to list the 'Bible' on their faves list? (I admit I'm a culprit...guilt trip, guilt trip...Will make amends ASAP).

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