Thursday, January 28, 2010

The iPad is going to be transformational for architecture

Apple iPad, originally uploaded by iLounge.

...We just need some savvy app developer to create a multi-touch drafting tool, probably jigging up a knock off of SketchUp. You will see architects picking it up once they realize how much 10 fingers working in unison can triple their modeling production. They will simply outproduce their mouse-bound brethren. Here is the interface I was waiting for! Of course, since I already carry a "man bag" for my sketchbook and pens, it won't be a great adjustment for me to tote around. The architectural digirati, who have long left the manual arts, will probably adjust to it grudgingly. Eventually, it will come to the architecture office in the form of a more ample cousin "the iTable" (Steve Jobs are you listening?). ...Yes, I cannot wait to sit at a semblance of a drafting table again!

I predict that it will be graphic artists who will pick up on the multi-touch drawing utility first. So if Adobe has its act together it should already be working on a multi-touch version of Illustrator. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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