Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Buffalo Urbanism

In spite of the signs, Denver's 16th Street Mall can't keep the cyclists away.

I'm back from a wonderful retreat in Fraser, CO with my brothers, Chad, Tim and Dennis...and a whole buncha Wild n' Wooly bros at Wild at Heart Advanced Camp. Below is my debt to my brothers. Thought I'd shamelessly share.

We also enjoyed some time in Denver. I had a chance to finally walk down one of the truly great streets in our country, the 16th Street Mall (which unsuccessfully bans bikes and skateboards to my delight). I have an entire arsenal of precedent shots of Downtown and LoDo...as well as quite a few of oft-touted Stapleton, which I see Austin's Mueller is a carbon copy. Denver had much to teach me about the actual urbanist development that is achievable in our country. This is an urbanism that refuses to forget the joys of childhood. It is an urbanism of mountain men. It is an urbanism of open spaces, REI on the Platte. Camping, mountain climbing, and skiing has everything to do about this urbanism. I am going to dub this Great American Urbanism. Buffalo Urbanism. Wild at Heart Urbanism. ...Thanks for the insights CO!

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