Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Giant Sucking Sound

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It's been a wacky day here in Charlotte as drivers scrambled to every pump in the countryside they could find...apparently all the pumps are going dry in the western Carolinas. Guns are being pulled out in York County. In Salisbury, N.C., Charlotteans bumped with drivers from Greensboro (doesn't driving 50 miles to get gas kinda defeat the purpose?).

Meanwhile, on the West Coast, another giant sucking sound appears. A $150 Billion sucking sound.
...I know what we need...We need Big ICE Palin to put a stop to all this nonsense!

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Dave Q. said...

I hope Gov. Palin gets the chance. The more this whole thing drags out, the more I want her and McCain to win it.

I'm so sick of politics.