Friday, June 27, 2008

A Menifesto for Messy Architecture

This is the Blog of a Messy Architect and Urbanist. I just discovered A Minor Manifesto for Messy Architecture by Mahesh Senagala, which I pretty much already follow in practice, in thought, in intention and aesthetic. Glad to find at least one more person with the code. :)


"Messiness is the chaos from which life arises."

"Messy architecture is sustainable. Without being consumed by its moral overtones...All that is sustainable is necessarily messy."

By the way...Sorry for the three week E-niverse absense...I was a slave to meatspace working hard (all my spare time yes!) on the Crosland Sustainable Placemaking Challenge. We didn't win, but we finished in the top five and our firm definitely advanced our sustainability design skills in this wonderful process...Most interestingly, we learned how to design better collaboratively as a firm.

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Scott M B Gustafson said...

Mahesh Senagala was my professor in the late 1990s at Kansas State University. I love this rambling poem for architecture of exuberance.