Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Sublime Emptiness

Posted at KSMGRD

To what can we liken the absence of signs? Is this a city on a diet from capitalist excess? Cleansing itself of the demands of the present? I wonder what such a city does to the mind... Does it cleanse a citizen's minds like a 30 day fast cleanses the system? Does it bring a zen-like peace to society...less smoking, less caffeinated consumption, less sumptuary excess, less discretionary income wasted, less sex?...I wonder.

One thing they could do is allow artists to use the billboards for artistic works...Let a year long "sign fast" pass and then WHAM--Hit em baby! A veritable sign explosion in the public realm. Kind a like a shock diet. Then you'd really be playing with people's minds! It would be like the kind of horror turned to pleasure a desert monk would have if he lugged one book into the wilderness and discovered nothing was printed in it.

Check out the skymovie ad video (ironic, huh?):

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