Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Wow Charlotte!

Now thats a WORLD CLASS City!
Huurah Charlotte! I love living in a city with VISION.

With a margin of 70% against the repeal, transit supporters got a royal vindication last night in Charlotte. My advice to the "grass roots" anti-transit nutcases: scat your skulky asses out of Charlotte and stay the heck in Raleigh and wherever else you really are from. With a voter turnout in favor of the repeal (38,000) drawing 10,000 people less than the petition signatures (48,000) you collected to get the referendum on the ballot, this tells us just how "grass-roots" your underhanded petition drive was. But, heck, stay around if you like...Let the results of Charlotteans forward thinking and positivity blow you away. Who cares really what you do from now on. Charlotte is irreversibly joining the ranks of high-spirited cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, and Dallas 100% sold on light rail.
Even we pro-transit folks are stunned by this margin. Very impressed with my Wilmore friends(precint 22) showing up with 90% plus margin!
Vision Plans, CATS! Where are the vision plans!?

Ron Tober said it best this morning: planners have learned how crucial the tool of communication (and communicating a VISION) from this ordeal...Of course, get that light rail up running this month Ron. The REALITY is the best vision of all. ')

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