Sunday, December 16, 2007

I'm in a home improvement mood

Well...Back to banalities. So I walked into my still vacant living room today and thought...'Man, it's time to finally do something about this space!' First thing's first...color scheme, color scheme. My living room is not conducive to much inspiration, I'm afraid. For one, it is extremely narrow. I won't have much room for furniture (which is good in my book). For another thing, it's got a really funky, crenellated plan, which I have no idea how to pull together.

I'm thinking a bold stripe might solve the wall problem. Right now I got two options for wall color scheme, one kinda perky and bold, one more neutral:

That stripe kinda does help, but I'm not satisfied somehow. Maybe I really have to start with decor and furniture first...but man what do you do with that corner? Maybe I need to emphasize that corner in a creative way, instead of trying to soften/hide it...Any of you design stars out there have any ideas?

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